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Jan 15, 2011
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I was poking around the Verizon site the other day and noticed an interesting entry on the Prepaid side. They were the selling the HTC Rhyme for $129.99 with only a one month commitment to their prepaid service ($60/month with 500Mb of data, unlimited text & talk). That?s only $189.99 for a phone that Verizon is still selling for $439.99 on the post paid side of the fence.

This is an older phone that is an excellent value if you want to go prepaid with Verizon or with an MVNO like Page Plus cellular ($55/month for unlimited text, talk and 2 GB of data).

While it?s only a 3G phone (there is no LTE on any prepaid plans at this time) it is a very nice device. HTC made it for Verizon as a special appeal to women ? it?s purple and it has special head phones and a charm (when connected to the phone it can hang out of a purse and turns on a light). Other than that, for a 3G phone it has the innards of the Droid Incredible 2 (also sold internationally as the Desire S) which has a Qualcomm single core 1.0 Ghz processor, 768 Mb of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, Micro SD expansion (8 GB card included), 8MP front & 1.3 MP rear camera, a 3.7 inch WVGA Super LCD display (800x480), unfortunately Gingerbread 2.3 and a 1600 mAh battery (the Inc 2 did really well with the factory 1400). I really liked my Incredible 2 (I still have it as a backup phone/mp3 player and still love the look and feel of the phone) and think this would be a nice budget phone for anyone who needs an inexpensive replacement or a full price phone to use on Page Plus (as long as you don?t mind purple).

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