Initial impressions after switching from VZ to TMobile


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Nov 30, 2009
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I'm currently in the 1st quarter of a 2-week trial with TMobile, and I know others are considering switching to keep unlimited data if not cut overall expenses. Here are my initial impressions, not even a week into my "trial" with TM:
  • I bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it came, essentially (and especially when compared with VZ), with zero bloatware - just the usual Google stuff. Not really anything that I didn't mind - just a few, but not near as much or as pointless as VZ. Very happy with that aspect.
  • Signal strength - this is where TM is most lacking. In my house I get one bar, though call quality seems fine so I'm ok with it. But in my office, which is an industrial building/warehouse, I get no bars and no data, but thankfully we have WiFi so it's not a big deal. Around town (Greenville SC, a mid-size metro area) my signal is good and, other than at my office, I've yet to get below 4G/LTE. It will be interesting when I head out to go mountain biking this weekend and then to Atlanta the next weekend.
  • Data speed - First off, I came from an HTC Thunderbolt, so it's not the best barometer (great paperweight, though), but I have VZ 4G/LTE at home with a strong signal. When I ran a speed test between the two, TM came off faster in both measures, upload and download, but far better in download than upload, which was a pleasant surprise. Again, we'll see when I head off to the more remote areas and leave the metro area I live and work in.

Hopefully this is of some value to those looking to switch. I'll update this accordingly as I learn more.


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Jun 8, 2010
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I currently use both carriers. My Z10 is on Verizon, but my S4 is on T-Mobile. While T-Mobile HAS made major strides in the signal department it's still no substitute for Verizon. There are so many places I go where the T-Mobile phone does not have a signal, but the Verizon is getting a good or adequate signal. Now price is a different story. ;)