inside the Nokia DT-900 + some mods for it.


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Dec 19, 2011
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So I got one for my DNA. Works great for my DNA it has a huge sweet spot. It just has issueswith not holding the phone.

Getting it open you just need a credit card. Go along the whole outside of it. I start in the middle then work my way around the front. After you get it started it hope so pretty easy.

First mod was some rubber on the front. This keep my phone from sliding on it. I also covered the middle rubber part with a sticker. I got sick of circles on the back of my DNA from it. Second mod was some magnets. How I got it now its got about the same holding power as the touch stone set up. When you get close it just kinda pulls it in right to the sweet spot.

All and all works great. No issues charges pretty fast and with the mods and a little 3M 2 sided tape it holds my phone we firm and won't move on my table.IMAG0192.jpgIMAG0191.jpgIMAG0189.jpgIMAG0188.jpg