Instagram Bug with Oreo and Samsung


Jul 25, 2018
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Since the Oreo update on the S7 and S7 Edge, stories with video or gif can't be uploaded. It's been a couple months and many reddit threads of people with this issue.

Despite it being widespread, neither Android, Samsung or Instagram seem concerned to fix the bug, replying only with "uninstall and re-install" but that doesn't fix the issue.

The app gets stuck in a "posting loop" requiring you to clear the app's data in settings and re-log in. It's frustrating. Instagram has become photo only for many because of this bug.

Anyone know of a fix or have information on this matter?

Thank you all in advance


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Feb 12, 2012
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Unless you can debug the app and/or the ROM, about the only "fix" is for Instagram to debug their app running in an S7/S7E and trace where the problem occurs. Then, depending on the results of that, either to fix the problem or to notify Samsung that their ROM has a bug.