Interference noise when mobile data is on and plugged into car speakers.


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Dec 23, 2015
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Hi everybody,

I made an account to ask this question, as lots of googling brought no results. It seems no one else really has the exact issue that I'm having. Here it is:

When my Galaxy s6 is plugged into my car speakers (or any other speakers for that matter) using the headset jack, I get a very annoying radio interference noise. It sounds like lots of beeping, screeching and crackling, and it is persistent. This ONLY happens if my mobile data is on (I normally keep it off until I need it). I say this because I didn't notice it until the first time I had to use my GPS in my car while playing music on my phone (through the car speakers). My last phone did not do this at all. Turning off mobile data causes the issue to vanish in a matter of seconds.

This is getting beyond annoying, because it means I can only listen to music I have saved to my phone while I'm in the car, unless I want to deal with this noise. It isn't entirely constant. Sometimes it stops for a minute but it always starts right back up again eventually. It also happens when no audio is being played, as long as my data is switched on.

Is this an uncommon issue? Is there a known fix for it? Not a workaround, like buying a shielded cable or something. Should I just try to get it replaced? I bought the phone through Verizon a few months ago. I doubt my initial return policy is still in effect, but seeing as this is a hardware issue, I think they would still at least replace it. I just wanted to avoid that, as it would mean starting fresh with all apps and whatnot.

Thanks for any help, and sorry if a similar issue is posted in another thread. I did my due diligence of searching these forums with a few differently-worded queries to try to find an answer before resorting to making a new thread, but nothing came up.

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