Intermittent can't hear one side of call then returns


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Jul 10, 2018
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Hello Gang,
I'm new to this forum. I have an issue with not one, not two but three LG G4's where I will be on the phone and usually its me who will all of a sudden not hear the other side of the call and then it will return without hanging up or removing the battery, etc. This is the perfect phone for me when it is working. And this is something that started perhaps over a year ago (that would be @spring to summer, 2017 as of this writing). It seemed to happen calling a particular place so I wasn't sure if it was on their end. However it seemed to happen more often and it will happen even when I am on bluetooth phone in my car so it isn't just where I live. Again, it is just one side. They will tell me they hear me but I don't hear them. It has happened less often where its just the opposite, where they can't hear me. I bought another one (used of course) and all seemed good (it isn't a constant problem) so I figured it was a problem with that phone. Well then it happened with that. Then I bought yet another one (stubborn) and this does it. Now I went through the boot-loop ordeal so I am aware that many phones can have the same issue once it rears its ugly head. But now all of a sudden, every one does it? Or is it an issue with Verizon? If its day is done and its time for a new phone then fine. But I would hate to spend that money and give up on a phone I LOVE only to end up with the same issue so while I am not sure how many people are active on this forum as this is an "old" phone now, but if it is that common a problem or one that "ages in" like the boot-loop problem, others must be experiencing it. What say you all? Thanks in advance.

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