International ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint (900P) version

Ewgeniy Muraviov

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Dec 3, 2014
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I have SGS5 Sprint version on MOAR Rom from XDA Developers web site. I have some issues with using this phone on non US carrier in Ukraine. I found how teach my phone use Mobile Data and sending MMS over GPRS network. But every time I receive MMS from somebody, my app crashed and I need reboot in recovery and restore from twrp backups. I tried change some files in MOAR Rom from international ROM (Sec_mms.apk, sec_telephony.apk). Also I do not have my local language in settings, even with more locale2.
I installed Shohan ROM with P version support. MMS start work after this, all ok with language, BUT: FM Radio, Fingerprint, NFC not working.
Can someone help me with this? :'(


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Feb 12, 2012
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You should contact the developer on XDA who developed the ROM. (And some custom ROMs don't have all the functions, like FM radio, Fingerprint, etc.)