Introducing Tooyoou - Feedbacks appreciated


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Jul 31, 2011
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Hello Android Fans,

Today I would like to introduce a unique mobile advertising app Tooyoou (to-you). Unlike all other mobile advertising on Android Tooyoou works for you. How and who needs more advertisements on our phones?

Your Android smart phone's home screen is valuable real estate.Tooyoou helps you turn that real estate into real money and reward points. You can use the Tooyoou app to place a personal billboard on your phone's home screen. Tooyoou then negotiates with advertisers to sell ads on your billboard. You see those ads - for cool new apps, cheap deals, local stores - plus you earn reward points and a portion of the money the advertisers pay. (Yes - Tooyoou is totally OPT-IN)

We are still in alpha but with your valuable feedback we are planning to launch our beta soon. Tooyoou is available in Google Play for Free.

Please visit our website Tooyoou | Mobile Advertising | Advertise on Android devices | Promote Android App and Business for more information. Since we are a new advertising platform you might now see a lot of Ads on your billboard but keep collecting Tooyoou Points just to keep your billboard active on your Android device and redeem those points by spinning the Tooyoou Wheel

Tooyoou is an honest effort to say NO to forced advertising on our Android devices. We believe in "Your Phone, Your Choice, Your Money".

By the way check us out on Facebook and yesterday's post on San Francisco Chronicle

Thanks for your support guys!