iPhone=>Android Newbie: couple of random questions


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Apr 30, 2012
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I'm continuing on my quest to transition from years of iPhone to Android. Overall it's going well, but I have a couple of random, minor issues/questions.

[1] Is there a way (short of rooting) to reassign what the single long hold and double tap of the home button does? (I've looked for apps, but haven't come across anything that lets you reassign both of these actions?

[2] Regarding the Google Search widget (the 1 x 4 one): what's the point of it if when you tap it it just brings up the Google app? (i.e. you can't actually type in the search box in the widget itself).

[3] With the voice transcription service, evidently you can't say things like "next paragraph" or "open parentheses"? Is this correct? (If so, odd that Google doesn't permit these more advance functions).

[4] Is there a way to set the phone so it only requires a password (or unlock gesture) after a period of something like 4 hours? (I figure if I lose my phone, I'd like it locked out and the thief at some point won't get to the phone before 4 hours; but don't want to have to enter the password more frequently).

Thanks for your patience....


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Jun 4, 2010
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2) I've wondered the same, but I leave it on my screen so I can press the box to search or the microphone (on the right of the widget) to use the Google Now voice search.

3) if you don't mind switching to Swype, it uses the Dragon dictation, which is really powerful and should take care of all of your dictation needs. There probably are other options, but I'm happy with Swype for all my keyboarding needs.

4) you could try Delayed Lock. I haven't used it, but reviews seem generally positive, with the normal smattering of negative ones.

There is also a trial available here: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...=de.j4velin.delayedlock2.trial&token=gJBJe1T9

Seems there are also some plugins available for it to disable the pin completely if you're on a known wifi network or near a known Bluetooth device.

If you try it, let us know....I might actually get it.


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May 25, 2012
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[1] Nova Launcher Prime allows you to modify the home button and all sort of other actions.
[2] The Google Now option is new to JellyBean so the widget was very useful before, maybe not so much now.
[3] Got nothing for this one.
[4] There was a discussion around this on here a while ago. I don't know there was ever a solution.

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