Is better Google Drive integration on Android coming?

Niklas W

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Feb 10, 2014
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There is one feature I really miss on my Android phone; the ability to out-of-the-box (without the need of a third-party app) have my Downloads folder on the phone synced with Google Drive. Since I own a Chromebook, it's really great to have a merged Downloads folder, and today I accomplish this with the Android app called FolderSync.

I noticed today, in the 'Google Settings' app (which is created by Google Play Services) a new section called 'Drive apps' which must have showed up today or yesterday. It contains one option; whether uploads and updating of files should be done entirely over Wi-Fi or not.... what updating of files I'm curious about? This option does NOT correspond to a similar option within the Drive app which is odd.

So what do you guys think, is it happening now? I really hope so. Have you noticed anything?
I think that lonely Drive option is misplaced in that place, so perhaps more things will happen in the coming days, perhaps when the Drive app is updated the next time.

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