Is it me, my SD card, or Android?


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May 5, 2010
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I've been having an issue lately and I can't pinpoint the problem. Spefically, my DInc keeps loosing the album art I've downloaded! I have lots of music on my phone and use Album Art Grabber to assign images. Things will work fine for weeks, then all of the sudden, my art is missing. In fact, this morning my phone reported I didn't have ANY music installed. Using Astro proved it was there (and even played it), but it wouldn't show up until after a hard reboot.

I purchased one of Verizon's $79 32gig cards a while back and am beginning to think this is the problem. The speed is not listed but it appears to be about a Class 2 card. Could a higher performance card help me?

Lastly, I've used an app called SDRescan to check for new albums and pictures a few times. Does this mess with the Android Database?

Any insight?