Is it possible to play music from portable storage?


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I had hoped I could use a USB flash drive like an SD card in order to play music from the USB. I'm using a Nexus 6 (T-Mobile), running Marshmallow. It reads the flash drive as portable storage. I can play songs from it, but only when I navigate to the files via something like ES File Explorer. Google Play Music, n7, and Poweramp won't recognize the portable storage. In the Storage & USB settings all I can do is eject or format it.

Is it possible to play music from portable storage? If not, is it possible to format the USB flash drive as internal storage? The problem there might be that I plan on unplugging it on a daily basis. Thanks in advance for any help!

Mr Mendelli

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Dec 19, 2016
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No, the paths that the android OS, and various media playback apps use, are narrowed down to pre-defined paths:


Some newer devises assign a random name to the SD card path variable (for some reason) and are different per device/disk. I've seldom seen apps that natively handle paths from the OTG port.