Is it possible to retrieve data from Galaxy Note 4?


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So the other day, I placed my phone in my backpack, went to buy lunch, and came back to phone with a busted screen. (NOTE: This phone is only like 2 months) There were white vertical lines and purple spots all over the phone, and could not even enter my pattern because my phone did not register when I touched the right side of my screen.

I am getting a refurbished phone under my insurance plan (for around $200) as a replacement, but I would still like to retrieve pictures and other things from it.

Is that possible or no? Some of the pictures I have on that phone are important to me for personal reasons, so I would really appreciate it if I could receive some help in this situation.



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Feb 12, 2012
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The easiest way would be to find a repair shop that will plug in a spare screen long enough for you to copy any files from the phone. (Unless you have a computer you've connected it to and told it to always allow that computer to connect - then just plug it into the computer and copy the files from the phone to the computer.)