Is it possible to set up frontier s3 without somone knowing it’s been linked to their phone?

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I bought my fiancé a Galaxy Frontier watch as a wedding present and I want to install it on his phone without him knowing. If I do the set up and then shut the watch off, will he know the watch is linked to his phone and will any notifications pop up with the watch being off and risk ruining the surprise?


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Sep 16, 2012
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I applaud you for the caring thought. To answer your question, I believe you can link the watch to his phone and then shut off the watch and there shouldn't be any notifications come up on his phone. Notifications come from the phone...and go to the watch.

I really love the thought behind this, but I wouldn't suggest it. Part of the enjoyment of the watch, is the whole process of opening the package, turning it on for the first time and learning how the watch connects to the phone and the process of how it all works together.

Please take a couple moments and register on the site, so you can follow this thread better, and please post back here after you give it to him.

Congrats on your engagement!


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Sep 19, 2017
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I totally agree with the advice above. When I get electronics (especially watches and phones) it's very fun to inbox and turn it on myself that first time. If be disappointed to not be the one powering it up and connecting it. Let you fiancé enjoy the moment. If you're worried that the process might be hard, bookmark some videos and share those N they open the box.

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