Is it really necessary to update Jelly Bean 4.2?


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Is it really necessary to update jelly bean 4.2?

I just bought an unlocked HTC One X to use essentially as a tablet ($67, I'm cheap), but with the option of using with no contract networks if I choose. So, as we all know, this model is frozen in time as it cut off from further updates. I know so little about this topic, is it really necessary for me to update jelly bean?

Will I still be able to download apps, or will most apps be released requiring more up to date versions of jellybean, beyond that of 4.2? Will my phone fall behind and lose practicality and function?

My wife and I are just curious, especially with the craziness of android. Will this phone fall to wayside as far as applications are concerned?

Thank you for your time.

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Dec 15, 2011
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Re: Is it really necessary to update jelly bean 4.2?

Currently I see lots of apps require 4.0+ so i think maybe a year or later will need at least 4.3+.