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Is it safe to trade an sd card from one phone to another.

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I have a 14gb sd card in my lgvs42pp but the option to move some apps to external storage is not given me like it is in my
zte z835. This zte at&t phone came pre installed with a humungus amount of apps and i was told its not good to remove or disable them. I cant even enjoy the apps i want to download. It has 8gb of storage and a 4gb sd card and im fighting for storage space on a daily basis.
Can anyone please help me "a beginner" 😯

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, if the phone doesn't have the Move to SD feature, and if you can't format the SD card as Internal Storage (which I believe isn't supported on any LG phone), then all you can do is to make sure all media and document files are saved to the SD card, and limit the number of apps you install. Devices that come with small amounts of internal storage (i.e. 8 GB or even 16 GB) will always be limited in terms of how many apps you can install -- it's one of the main trade-offs of having a cheap phone.