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Is my Galaxy S3 unuseable after some water damage?


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Galaxy S3 Water Damage

I recently had a house fire and the fire department sprayed my phone with water. Its still usable its just has faded color and the screen often shows pink or black lines. Is there anyway to fix this? I was told to use a vacuum to finish drying it. Would that cause more damage?

Octavia Bryant

New member
Sep 16, 2014
Re: Galaxy S3 Water Damage

My phone is dry. The only problem is the pink and black lines that appear on my screen. I've already let it dry out after putting it in the alcohol .


Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
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The screen may be damaged, or possibly associated circuitry, or there may be residual moisture in there, or damage caused to the circuitry by any deposits left behind. Try stowing it in some silica gel or dry rice for a few days. It will cost little, do no harm, and may effect improvements.

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