Is my LG G2 Fake??


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Dec 4, 2014
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I bought a LG G2 off ebay. Over 1000 feedback, 100% rating, shipped from uk.

Now the box was sealed. But the charger is Huawei and the headphones aren't branded, does this mean something?

Software version is

D80220a-HKG-XX does this mean from hong kong?

The phone looks legit, brand new, and had screen protectors etc is branded right on the phone, and its hard to believe it is a fake but i'm concerned

If it is from hong kong? does this mean anything in terms of using it in the UK? does it make any difference?

I registered the product on LG website and it didn't flag anything, i find the website a bit confusing, it says warranty for labour and parts is 12 months but i don't know if it's specifically saying that's the warranty for my phone or if its general information

Any info appreciated


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Feb 12, 2012
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1) The warranty would be in general terms.

2) A phone being made in Hong Kong (or Korea or Singapore) isn't unusual, even if the manufacturer is western. (Apple's phones are manufactured in China, I believe.)

3) About the only way to tell for sure is to contact LG, unless there an app similar to Genuine Samsung for LG phones. You could try