Is the unlocked Tab 4 7.0 4G compatible with the Gear S?


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Nov 24, 2013
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So I couldn't wait and drove to the seller, got this ginormous 7" phoneblet, ha. Sadly, it can only pair with my Gear 2, see pic. It can't seem to scan and pick up my Gear S, but I am still able to still pair it with my Note 4 without the Note 4 sim card. Call me crazy, but I just love this Tab 4 despite the lower specs, so I desparately want my Gear S to be paired with it. Not sure if Samsung will release an update to include this international device, so for the time being, I can get forwarding calls manually pushed from my Tab 4 to Gear S, and emails to Gear S when in remote connect mode. So my question is, is there a way to make the pairing work? If not, what text message app is best to use since I can't seem to get text messages with the stock text app? My 3 minimum requirements for the Gear S have always been receiving calls, text messages, and emails live and standalone. Thanks in advance.


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Jan 28, 2011
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Text message only works when you have SIM card with the phone. So, without the SIM card in your Note 4, you won't be able receive SMS (imagine if it would work and you sold your phone to someone else). Nor is there any way to forward your SMS manually.

However, I have experimented with AT&T Messages app on my GS3 since I'm on AT&T. This app allows to use data connection to AT&T server to retrieve SMS. You will need to have the SIM card in the phone to initially set it up and make sure it is set as default SMS app. Once you set it up, you can take out the SIM card and it should continue to work and your Gear S should receive notifications from this app (but obviously you can't reply). However, I found this method very unreliable (new messages show up half hour or more late) and lately I have not received any notifications from it. Without the SIM card, I guess this app won't work correctly either.

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