Is there a guide for replacing the Pixel 2 XL top / earpiece speaker?

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My Pixel 2 XL suddenly lost audio out of the top / earpiece speaker within the last week (didn't drop it, no water damage, and it's out of warranty). I had factory reset the device to no avail.

Was hoping Google might RMA it, but alas that wave is over (it's already an RMA replacement device from about 9 months ago).

Problem is I can't seem to find any repair guides for the earpiece replacement. No videos or PDF seem to exist. I can't quite tell if it's an impossible fix or what. Local repair shop is estimating $80, but I'd rather have a go at it.


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Jun 23, 2020
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Have you heard of iFixit? They have a guide for "loudspeaker replacement", not sure if this is the one you need or not.

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Thanks for the reply! I did indeed explore ifixit and others, but the guides they have are for the bottom speaker (the loudspeaker you referenced) and for other Pixel devices.

Very odd how there doesn't seem to be any type of documentation for the Pixel 2!