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Is there a way to fix my LG G2?


AC Question

sorry if this is the wrong section.
My problem is complicated. So i was trying to flash my first rom ever on my lg g2 vs980. The rom was Rashed's unofficial CM 12. So i was on twrp 2.7 but i tried to update to i think it was. After doing this i also flashed the EFS backup final.zip file (i was following a youtube tut). then i flashed my radio.zip and su.zip. I was going make another backup after doing this but then it said backup failed and i think it wiped my phones storage so i decided to just flash cm 12.zip (i didnt wipe or factory reset anything myself). So the phone boots the the cyanogen boot logo and it said "upgrading android" and below it said something like "configuring apps". Then it changed to a blue screen and rebooted. Eventually it booted to "cm 12" and for a split second i can see whats supposed to be to be on the screen, but then it turns black besides the battery, time, and back button. Help?