Is there a way to give a specific web page priority over calls?

Rick Resendiz

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Mar 13, 2014
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I book jobs for my moving service over the phone. I have an "app" like page that I made specifically for my Note 3.
The problem is when I'm booking a customer while on the phone and another call comes in, I reject the call (because im already on the phone with the current customer)
but now I've lost all info that I've typed in to fields.
I only book jobs when I'm talking to a customer on the phone. So by the time the call is over they have already been added to my system through this app like page.
This avoids me writing this down and then entering the info, no point in doing things twice or carrying a pen and paper.

However, calls are important and if I'm browsing regular websites I don't want them to over ride phone calls. Just this one specific page.

Does Note 3 have the option for this? I just got the phone 1 month ago and still learning new thigns every day