is there a way to recover a deleted audio recording?


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I was trying to trim an audio recording and trimmed off the wrong part!! how do i "undo" this? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. The file was located on my phone's internal storage and not the sd card.


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Feb 12, 2012
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NEVER, and I mean NEVER, work on the original. Always make a copy, so if you do something like what you did, you can delete it, make another copy, and start again.

Now ... since the original directory entry is pointing to the modified file instead of the original file, unless the recording was saved on the SD card, and you have a long time to tie up a computer recovering the original file (and it hasn't been overwritten), there's no way of recovering the original. Recovering deleted files depends on finding their entry in the directory (it's marked "deleted", but the file isn't physically deleted). Since you can't do that (even if the phone is rooted), you can't "recover" it the normal way.

If it's on the SD card, try PhotoRec. It takes days (or more, depending on the size of the card) - but computer time, only a few minutes to set it up, then let it run. You get back files that are sequentially numbered, but with the correct extension, so you might get back 25 .mp3 files, and you'll have to listen to each one to find the right one. Then make a copy of it and edit the copy again.

But there's no version of PhotoRec for Android, just for Windows, MacOS and Linux,

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