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Is there any way to charge while in AP Fastboot for the Droid Bionic?


AC Question

This morning I flashed last nights CM12.1 Nightly. After it finished I hit reboot and let it do its thing for awhile, only to come back to a blank screen, I rebooted thinking I'd just hop into safestrap, flash a recovery, and be back to normal, but for God knows why, it wasn't letting me get into safestrap.

The next logical step was to run it through unbricking procedure which since RSDlite doesn't like me I have a batch file setup to run it through the manual commands which worked at first, but then I found myself sitting at the stock boot animation for an extended period of time. Not being sure of how long this normally takes because I haven't had to unbrick this phone in awhile, I just let it go.

Realized it was stuck, and decided I'd run through manually and see how that went. Went through the commands, got a couple errors for a low battery but just running the command again seemed to get it through, then I finished, told it to reboot, and then it went right ****ing back into AP Fastboot, saying that there was a boot failure and that cdrom and system weren't flashed correctly. No big deal right? So I go back to run the commands to flash them all again, and now the battery level has completely made me it's new *****.

I have no money to purchase a factory cable, but I feel that if given instructions I could handle it myself. I've seen that the RAZR has a way to get around the low battery level but it didn't seem to work on the Bionic. SO, if anyone has any words of advice, instructions, or methods they want me to try, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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May 22, 2011
Just went through this with my Bionic today. For some reason the Bionic will not charge without a working OS.I had to take a spare USB cable, strip the end that usually plugs into the phone. Take the battery out then hold the red wire to the + prong on the back of the phone and hold the black wire to the - prong on the back of the phone. Then put the battery back in (had to have my wife hold the wires while I put the battery back in). This "tricks" the phone into thinking the battery has a good charge and AP Fastboot mode should show "Battery OK" if you did it correctly. Then it will allow you to use RSD Lite or the manual commands. I have no idea why Motorola would design something like this, for a basic function like charging you NEED an OS?! WTH?!


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Feb 12, 2012
for a basic function like charging you NEED an OS?! WTH?!
To monitor the state of the battery so you don't charge it too fast, overheat it, keep charging it when it's fully charged, etc. Even the little external chargers you can get for $5 have little computers in them (usually in the form of a "lithium charging chip").