Is this wake lock again?


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Nov 4, 2011
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Recently my Skyrocket started losing battery way too fast again. I had this problem before that somehow went away. Right now when I try to charge my phone when it is off it turns itself on, so that tells me that something is wrong. I downloaded a app called wakelock detector, and I can't understand a thing it does, doesn't really help me. I also look at my battery stats thing and it will say that screen and cell standby are using 66% of my battery, but my screen isn't even on. What can I do? ready to throw this phone out the window, and get a rotary phone, I remember when things used to work like they were supposed to.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Go to Settings/Developer options, and make sure you haven't selected "Stay awake (Screen will never sleep while charging)."

Wake Lock Detector can be useful, but it can also be confusing, because it'll tell you what processes are causing wake locks, but it won't explain what they are. System processes can be hard to figure out, since they're often abbreviated, or use other technical terms. It's still helpful to show system processes, because there certainly can be some that misbehave, so go to Wake Lock Detector's Settings, and check "Advanced mode" on. On the top right of the main screen, there are 3 icons. Tapping the first icon will change from Screen wakelocks, CPU wakelocks, and Wakeup triggers. Screen wakelocks are full wakelocks that prevent the screen from sleeping, of which there shouldn't be many. CPU wakelocks are partial wakelocks, where the screen doesn't necessarily come on, but the app or process will awaken the phone from deep sleep in order to do something--typically to check the web to refresh data (like a weather app) or to report location (like Maps). I'm not sure what Wakeup triggers represents, but the higher the number, I'm guessing the more the particular app is causing the phone to awaken from deep sleep.

It would help if you post a screenshot of your battery stats as well as the main screen for Wake Lock Detector (actually, multiple screens of the latter, at least for Screen wakelocks and CPU wakelocks).

It's normal for screen to use up a large percentage of battery because that's what uses up most of it anyway--what would be abnormal is if it's staying on for too long. What's your screen timeout set to? Check Settings/Display/Sleep and adjust it to a shorter time before sleeping.

Cell standby usually isn't an issue unless you're spending a lot of time in an area with poor reception. The cell radio then works overtime to get a signal, which uses more battery. If you tap on the battery stats graph, you'll get a bigger graph with a bar underneath for "Mobile network signal"--if there's a lot of red there, then you have poor reception. Also, if you tap on "Cell standby" in the battery stats, see if it reports "Time without signal"--if it's there and if it's a significant amount of time, then you have a reception problem.

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