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Is this watch able to do the few things I need it to?


New member
Jun 13, 2019
I have been trying to find a watch that fits my needs. I was about to buy an LG Urban 2 or a Gear S3, but then started reading that it may not function that well without a phone. I am looking at the new Galaxy Watch as it seems to be the latest and greatest....

I will be replacing my Note 8 with this watch, and I am on Verizon.

I need to be able to:

Do hands-free texting and calls

Use my Bluetooth headset

Use Google Maps reliably (how much can I use Google Maps without it dieing too quickly is another question...)

Reliable Bluetooth connection

And it would be great if I could use something like my "Smart AudioBook Player" I have on my Note 8 to play mp3 audio files for books (I am able to listen at 1.5 speed and it arranges the mp3 files neatly while telling me how much I have listened to and how much I have left, also let's me skip ahead and other features). I'm not sure if that is a possibility?

I know using Google Play Music isn't even a possibility with Tizen so I won't bother with asking about that.



New member
Sep 1, 2018
It can make and receive calls and do basic texting pretty well. The music player will play your books on tape but forget about the functionality of a dedicated audio book player. Whenever I have used gps tracking and music played through bluetooth headphone it kills the battery very quickly. Also, every headset I have tried fades in and out as your arms move around your body when walking jogging, playing golf, etc.

I love my Galaxy Watch but not for those functions.


Apr 29, 2016
Are you wanting to drop having a phone altogether? That would be very difficult, and you would still need the phone to use the Wearable app to transfer contacts, music, etc to the watch. LTE versions can make phone calls and text, but hands free option would be sketchy. "Supposedly" Bixby will handle all of this with commands, but I've not had good luck with it, so I certainly don't depend on it to create a text, voice to text my message and then send.