Issue: Blackscreen while making calls


Dec 25, 2012
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I been trying to find the source to this blackscreen issue during phone calls.

It prevents me from using speaker phone and even hanging up calls.

What tends to happen, is as soon as I accept the call, the phone screen goes black and cant do any other operations on the phone, nor turn the screen back on with the screen button, until the other caller hangs up.

I believe this issue stems somehow from the Gyro meter in the phone.
What I noticed before this issue took off, was that normally during phone calls, the Droid x uses the Gyroscope to determine if the phone was being held to the ear, in which the screen would go black to prevent accidental screen presses with face,
but the gyroscope would cut the phone screen back on when it figured it was being held horizontally.

Problem is that this mechanism is going haywire.
Shaking the phone will cut screen back on for a second before cutting back off during the call. which tend to be evidence to my point I made.


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Sep 22, 2011
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phone uses proximity sensor, could try cleaning top of screen near speaker

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