issues in my s20 after update


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Jan 24, 2021
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Alex slowly rolled over as sunlight peeked in around the curtain that served as a door. He was surprised to find Leah gone, but he didn't spend much time thinking about it. Instead, he sat up on the edge of the bed, his feet settling on the dirt floor. Just at that moment, Natalie entered the hut, holding a golden cup that appeared to be filled with water .

"Good morning", she said, handing him the goblet, which he took while admiring it. "This I very fancy looking", he said, taking a deep drink of the cool, refreshing water. "It belongs to our village leader", Natalie said and Alex looked sharply up at her. He opened his mouth to deny the claim, yet the words escaped him. "Why should I deny it", he thought, taking another drink of water.

"Where's your father? I need to speak to him", Alex said and Natalie's eyes dropped. "He passed away, early this morning", she said, a tear escaping her eye and rolling down her cheek. "I'm sorry", Alex said, standing and moving to embrace the girl, but she backed away. "Don't be", she said, wiping her tear away. "It was his time and he went peacefully. The elders have already performed the funeral for him."

"That was quick", Alex thought, but refrained from speaking the words. "Are you going to be alright", he asked and Natalie nodded. "He knew it would be soon, so he prepared me, as well as my sisters. Now, all we can do is move on and try to find happiness again." Alex nodded and finished off the water in the goblet, then returned it to Natalie when she held out a hand for it.

"So", she said, looking directly into his eyes, "since you are our new leader, it is time for you to move into more comfortable accommodations." Before Alex could ask what she meant, Natalie turned and left the hut, Alex quickly following behind. "What accommodations", he asked, but the answer quickly became apparent. They were heading up the hill, to the large house that her father had occupied the day before.

Once again, Alex opened his mouth to protest, to tell her that he couldn't take this house, because he wasn't staying on this island. But, as before, the words faded in his mind, leaving him with a peculiar look on his face. It only took them a few moments to reach the house, Natalie opening the door and leading him inside. "Make yourself at home", she said, before turning and leaving, still holding the golden cup.

Alex looked around the building, far larger than any of the other homes in the village. There was a small area in a corner that had been partitioned off and hidden. Behind the flimsy wall, he found a large bucket and a small basin of water sitting on a small table. The smell that clung to the large bucket left no illusions that this was a primitive restroom. Across the large room, as far from the restroom as possible, was a bed with a sturdy wooden frame. It was set against a wall beneath a window.

Laying on the bed was the same young blonde who had sucked his **** yesterday morning. Mia, he remembered her name was, smiling broadly as he took in her nubile body. She smiled and slowly arose from the bed and approached him. Placing a hand on his chest, she gently pushed him back toward the large chair that Charles had previously sat in.

As he took a seat, she knelt before him and grasped his ****, already rock hard and ready for her. She began stroking it as she lowered her mouth and began sucking and licking his ********. Alex moaned as her tongue traced around the the sensitive flesh, her hands moving up and down his shaft. Mia moaned in response, her eyes filled with lustful pleasure, as if nothing made her happier than pleasing him.

For the next several minutes, Mia's mouth stretched wide as she slid her head back and forth. But today, Alex wanted more than just her mouth. "On my lap", he said firmly, his voice more commanding than he meant it to be, yet somehow it felt very natural to him. Mia immediately jumped up with a squeal of delight and straddled his legs, spreading her own, slender legs wide .

She slowly lowered herself down, reaching down and grabbing his shaft, holding it upright and aiming it at her wet entrance. Alex moaned and Mia cried out in pleasure as her impossibly tight **** gripped his shaft like a second skin. If she hadn't been so wet, Alex suspected he would have had a very hard time burying himself inside her ****. As it was, Mia lifted and dropped herself with ease, her drenched ***** sliding up and down his rigid pole.

As she rode him, Alex leaned forward and took one of her small breasts in his mouth. He suckled the flesh, flicking her nipple with his tongue, eliciting loud moans from the girl. Suddenly, as Alex bit down on the sensitive flesh of her nipple, Mia stiffened and cried out; her ***** convulsed and juices began flowing as an intense orgasm overtook her. The feeling of her young **** spasming on his **** filled Alex with a deep and primal hunger.

He stood, holding the girl around the waist, his **** slipping from her ****. He carried her over to the bed and tossed her onto the mattress, where Mia quickly got onto her hands and knees, presenting her sopping wet hole to him. Alex grabbed her waist and rammed his **** inside, causing Mia to scream out in a mixture of rapture and pain as he stretched her *****.

He held her slender waist as he proceeded to pound her ****, ramming his **** into her over and over again. Each time he buried his shaft inside her, his balls slapped against the girl's ****, which caused her to moan. She had only recently reached an age where it was considered right that she be bred and she had only once before been ****ed, by Charles. But Charles had never ****ed her like this, so rough and intense; it felt as if Alex were intent on destroying her womb. And, to her utter delight, Mia realized that she loved it; the feeling of being so utterly helpless, of knowing that he was in full control of her body, turned her on like crazy.

While these thoughts filled Mia's mind, Alex continued to ram his shaft deep inside her *****, strange thoughts filling his own mind. He realized, as if he had come out of a fog, that this island, as well as all of the women on it, belonged to him now. And he felt a desire that he had never thought he would have before; the desire to breed every one of the women here, to see their bellies bulging with his seed.

The desire swelled in his mind and a powerful orgasm erupted from within him as he rammed his **** deep into Mia's ****. He growled as his **** twitched, sending spurt after spurt of *** into Mia's womb. He filled her **** with his jizz, until it leaked out around his shaft. As he slid out of her messy ****, Mia turned around and promptly took his **** into her mouth, eagerly cleaning his shaft with her tongue.

Alex moaned loudly as Mia ran her tongue up and down his shaft, licking up and swallowing every drop of ***. When she was done, she looked up at him and smiled, Alex returning the gesture. He stroked her hair for a moment, before turning and walking toward the front door. Outside, he saw a girl who looked about twenty; her hair was auburn and hung down to just past her shoulders.

"Come here", he said and she quickly obeyed. Leading her inside, he pointed to Mia, who was still laying on the bed. "She has a ***** full of ***. Use your tongue to clean her up", he commanded and the girl went to obey, not reluctantly, he noticed. He watched for a few moments as the auburn haired girl knelt before the Mia, pulled Mia to the edge of the bed, then buried her face in Mia's ****.

Soon Mia was moaning as the other girl feasted on her jizz filled snatch, which made Alex incredibly horny. But, knowing that he had time to enjoy everyone he wished, he decided to explore the island instead of joining the two girls.

As he once again stepped outside of his new dwelling, Alex wandered aimlessly through the village. He stopped and spoke to several of the women, all of whom let him know how happy they were that he was here and offering themselves to him right then. Alex politely declined, explaining that he felt an urge to explore, which satisfied most of them. There were a few that seemed more intent on keeping his attention on them, rather than letting him explore; these he promised that he wouldn't be away from.the village long and, when he returned, they would indeed enjoy his attention.
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Feb 6, 2017
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Hi, welcome to AC!

You try safe mode to eliminate any 3rd party apps causing this ? Also can try clear cache in recovery.
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Jul 11, 2012
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In keeping with the topic on S20 issues since update...

I have an S20FE 5G. I had no issues of any sort, really until the update to 11. Since updating, it has become almost comically difficult to swipe up from the bottom to change apps when in landscape orientation. This is stock, with no screen protector, and irrespective of whether the phone is in a case or not. The phone reacts in a manner showing it does recognize that the gesture is being attempted, but seems almost as if it weren't recognizing 'enough' of it. It frequently takes 4-5 times, and is driving me bonkers.

Anyone with similar experience, tips, solutions?

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Feb 2, 2017
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It can be awkward but if you download navstar in good lock then you can set up your gesture navigation settings now. Not just 3 button menu buttons