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My galaxy phone is really getting on my nerves lately ... kinda started regretting buying it just for the cam :) ... snaps video changes to horizontal orientation when i upload them to my device and that only appear in the mid of the video :) ... i can't get an accidentally deleted photo ... and my snap doesn't have the boomerang feature like the one i had in my iphone6 phone :) ... it's kinda annoying that apps in android aren't well developed and everything have a million app where u don't know which one is the best one that has everything ur device needs ... and i can't sit over 50 alarms :/ !!!! Why tho ... i like my new device i just which to see a lot of new developments including cam focus :) cam focus suddenly change during videos and pics

I tried to find a solution in google for everything bothered me but didn't find any ... why apps developers don't work equally on both android and apple devices:)

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