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I love music and I have a long commute for work. So my S9+ is playing music through my car stereo via Bluetooth quite a lot.
I understand there could be a lot of variables that may be the culprit but this problem is driving me crazy.
I have been using Apple Music (paid subscription) to play personal mp3 from various other sources, as well as any music I downloaded from Apple Music. All downloaded for offline play.

Audio volume started reducing by 50% then going back up randomly. Sometimes it would lower for a few seconds, other times it would lower for several songs. I was able to watch the Media volume slider from the dropdown that appears when you use the volume keys. As the volume changes, the slider does NOT move.
Also, playback randomly pauses. No errors, no incoming notifications or phone calls, just stops. Restarts when I press play again.

I was able to replicate both the volume issue and pause during playback issue by playing music in Apple Music through the phone speakers (not Bluetooth). It also happened when watching a video through YouTube app.

I even had an ad play from a ghost source; meaning there were no visible apps running that would play an ad (one was an Olive Garden ad). After a little research I decided to delete the last two games I downloaded in case they were the culprit. I have not heard the ghost ads since removal, but the playback issue is still there.

To make a long story even longer, other than the two games and a buggy Apple Music App, the only other change was two Android updates (AT&T) in the last couple weeks. The android updates and game downloads closely coincided with the issues cropping up so I don't think it is Apple Music (unless an update bricked it).

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