I've Compared The DNA Camera To That In The Note 2 And The DNA's SUCKS (!!!) By Comparison....


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May 28, 2011
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...I mean really sucks as in it's not even close. The N2 camera is simply better in every respect. I did side by side shots with and without flash and in bright light and limited light. In all instances the N2 was markedly better.

Less grain in limited lighting conditions without flash.

Far better color saturation and contrast.

About equal in detail resolution.

Flash performance was markedly better than the DNA with the DNA flash blowing out highlights and ruining color accuracy.

Colors looked pale and washed out in all DNA photos under all conditions.

White balance under incandescent lighting was far, far better in the N2 with the DNA causing whites to look decidedly yellow with White Balance set to Auto. Shockingly, when set to Incandescent things got no better with the DNA. A really, really horrible showing for the DNA here. A $10 POS digital camera does a better job. Just shocking.

Special effects on the N2, again, are much better than on the DNA and offer more flexibility and fun. Admittedly, these won't be used much but they do seem to be better integrated and more varied than those found in the DNA.

The only area where I'd give the nod to the DNA is in the fact that the DNA zoom bar is right on the screen at all times, making zooming and framing very easy and intuitive. The N2 makes you first hit the volume rocker while in camera mode to get the zoom bar up on the screen. And then the place it on the left which is not as ergonomically 'correct' as placing it on the right side of the screen (IMO).

HTC should really be ashamed of itself to equip this phone with such an incredibly sub-par camera. :(:-\

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