I've deleted my android operating system on Galaxy Fit. HELP!


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Mar 13, 2014
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So, i've decided to install android 4.2.2. on my samsung galaxy fit.
I searched on youtube and found someone's video. I did exactly what he did, but he skipped something. I needed to install clockworkmode before i tried to install this android.
I still have the 4.2.2. zip file, but it failes to install.
When i enter the download mode(home button+lock+volume down), it freezes on that yellow triangle and an android shoveling. Help, please :(!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Open the zip file. See if you have 4 filles in it, a pit file and 3 md5 files.

If you do, you can try installing those files using Odin, which is the proper way to flash a Samsung.

If not, you can look on Sammobile Firmwares/ (use s5670 as the phone's number) to see if they have the firmware for your country/carrier.