I've recently been having issues with my samsung galaxy s6.


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okay so I've recently been having issues with my samsung galaxy s6. Its been a great phone until recently... All of sudden my charging port wouldn't hold my charging cord in place to charge my device. I took it into to my wireless provider At&t and they said that the "Prongs" inside the charging port are bent and they had no real explanation as to how that happens. I have taken amazing care of this phone, never dropped it, its never been near water, and i definitely never jammed my charger into the port too hard or wrong. So imagine my frustration when their only solution for me was to either take it to a repair store (where they told me they would have to remove both the front and back screens to even be able to bend back the "prongs" and he said that 9 times out of 10 the screen cracks every-time when they try to remove it) so obviously i wasn't going to try that option. The only other option they gave me to charge my phone is to buy a $50 wireless charging pad that charges very slowly and only works if you place your phone perfectly in the center of the pad. So i got the charging pad until i could figure out a better option. So keep in mind my charging port still doesnt work properly. Then just the other day the part that makes my phone touch screen just stopped working out of the blue. The tech guy from AT&T called it my "digitizer?" and so my "digizter" went out all of a sudden? Literally one second i was sending a text and then i set my phone down for a second and i see that i am getting a call and i tried to swipe to ignore the call and it wont let me swipe to ignore or answer. then i tried to type my passcode in or swipe my finger to unlock my phone and it doesn't do anything. The screen is still on and light and im still getting notifications but i can actually use the touch screen at all....So i go back to AT&T and im told again that there is really nothing they can do to help. my options this time are to either pay a large deductible to get a new replacement phone (on top of already paying montly for this now not working phone thats still in excellent condition) so i really don't want to do that option. They tell me the only other option is to call 1-800-samsung and use my one year warranty and they will send me a replacement phone. I call Samsung today and although the AT&T employee told me that Samsung would send me a replacement phone free of charge, but I find out through a very long and unclear/poor "customer service" conversation with Samsung that they DO NOT send any replacement phones, they only do repairs?? and i quote the customer service lady " if the repair center can determine and fix the problem". If??? Seriously i pay about $800 for a phone that they might be able to repair but if they can't fix it i am told that there are no replacements or alternative options? That's just ridiculous! And i am told that for "security purposes" that they have to wipe my phone and do a factory reset when i send it in for repair and there is no way to save anything on my phone. I have a google drive and gmail account on my phone and i believe it regularly synced and saved but honestly i don't trust that it will save it all especially after they reset my phone. Also i can even double check on my phone because i am unable to use the touch screen so i have no way of checking! So my question is....is there any way to save EVERYTHING that is currently on my phone to either my sim card or a USB drive or my computer even though i can't even login into my phone? Can i send my phone into samsung for repair but refuse for my phone to be wiped clean? Do i have any real options or choices over my own phone? Im extremely frustrated because this is clearly an internal technical problem and now i will not only have to be without a phone for some time while they try to repair it but i also will lose all my contacts, pictures, videos and text messages and apps from my phone and in the worst case scenario if they can't repair it for some reason Samsung is saying that there are no back up replacement options or anything? If anyone has gone though something similar to this or has any helpful advice please let me know.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! That's frustrating. The fact that the microUSB port's pins were bent does indicate some sort of damage, though, whether you remember it or not. Perhaps the charging cable got yanked at an angle by accident while still plugged in, or maybe there was a bit too much force used at one point when trying to plug the cable in (which can happen if it's the wrong way). The fact that the digitizer failed soon thereafter makes me think that damage from a fall was more likely. Maybe it was plugged in and sitting on a table, and at some point when you weren't watching it, it fell to the ground right onto the charging plug and port, causing it to bend, and also causing some initial internal damage that ultimately led to the digitizer failing. And then someone saw it had fallen, and put it back on the table. Obviously, I'm just speculating here, but it's hard to argue the presence of physical damage.

Unfortunately, warranties never cover accidental damage. That's why insurance plans can be so helpful.

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