jailbreak on 1.6?

Rusty Shackelford

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Oct 20, 2009
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Is anyone doing it? Can it be done? Is there another app marketplace out there like cydia or appulo.us for the iphone.

There is a process called "rooting" which allows you root access to the phone, but it doesnt serve the same purpose as jailbreaking. With a jailbreak, the purpose is to allow programs not sanctioned by the almighty apple to be installed on the phone (i.e. ultras0w which unlocks the phone for use on other carriers besides AT&T, cydia or icy which is the "aftermarket" itunes store).

The purpose for gaining root access to an android phone is totally different as it is open source and you already have the ability to install any 3rd party software you desire. The purpose behind rooting an android device would be to allow the device to store programs on the removable memory as well as allow the user to interact with the development features of the device.

So the answers to your questions would be:
Yes they are.
Yes it can.
There is no need for another app marketplace! :D

Hope this helps.


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Nov 4, 2009
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Thank you for the input. My next question is whether or not, or better when to expect version 2.0 (eclair)? I have read many conflcting reports. Many think that since the hardware in the Droid is so far ahead of our mt3g's; we'll be left to the wind with 1.6.
I really like the concept and functionality of the mt3g and moreover the. Android os. Coming from being an iphone user for over two years; I'm just not too sure about htc. I mean, I still have my original 2g iphone from two years ago. It still works great, still updates to the latest os, and there are a plethora of apps that I use daily that aren't available yet for android.
Bottom line is, while I do like the mytouch, and I'm quite pleased with the 3g here in la, without at least some kind of assurances from either t-mo or htc about the future of this particular device, I think I'm gonna return this pup. Wait it out little longer. See where android devices are a year from now. Or maybe not.
I still have 4 more days to make a decision on whether to take it back. Maybe someone can give me some advise to put my mind to ease. Because this my touch isn't a cheap phone. I would be pissed if we got hung out to dry by t-mo and htc with a vastly inferior phone and os than other android users. I don't care if it's the same damn carrier or not. imo 1.6 doesn't even come close to the smoothness and ease of use as the iphone 3.0 os.
Please advise.


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Nov 19, 2008
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If you do root and use the Cyanogen build (CyanogenMod Wiki) you'll get SlideME as an alternate store. Nowhere near as extensive as the Market tho.

As far as being left in the dust, if you root with the Cyanogen ROM, you'll get all the features of the current upcoming releases. Or at least the features. Cyanogen is very good at keeping up to date. He even includes an updater so you'll get new build alerts just like T-Mob does when they release an update.

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