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Dec 17, 2009
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If you are by a PC, please go to this National Weather Service (NWS) website to display a loop of radar reflectivity data...

NWS radar image loop of Base Reflectivity from Nashville, TN

Now go to this same address on your DROID and see if you can get the loop working. My Droid will not loop NWS data.

To display looping radar data from the NWS, you have to have both Java and JavaScript on your phone. I checked the settings for the browser on my Droid and I do have JavaScript enabled. But I don't see any mention that JAVA is also on the DROID.

When I had an LG DARE phone, I could loop this data, but not on my Droid.
And the Droid is a huge step up from the LG DARE, but yet it cannot loop this data. Go figure!


1) I'd like to know if anyone with a Droid can loop the data at the above link?

2) Is there any way I can get my DROID to use JAVA too so I can loop this data?

3) Does anyone know whether a future version of the Android OS will include JAVA on the DROID so I'll be able to loop this data?

4) And while I'm at it, one needs AXIS Media Control software on a phone to be able to view some traffic camera sites that show live video. When might one be able to install this software on a DROID so live video from these sites can be viewed?

Thanks for any responses.



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Nov 8, 2009
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Anyone know if they plan on supporting Java in the browser in the future or if there is another browser that does support Java?

its in the works for all phone developers not just Android. Its supposed to be out sometime this year along with Flash 10 for Android. But who really knows for sure.

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