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Jun 7, 2012
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Just pre-ordered a Galaxy SIII this morning. A blue one.. Wish they had black but whatever I'll put a case on it anyway.

Currently using a iPhone 3gs. We did not have AT&T where I live until 2 years ago...thats when I got my iPhone. Its ok but IOS 5.0 ruined it it crashes constantly and is so slow. And I am soooo sick of iTunes!. Every iPhone update BRICKS my Ford Stereo completely and i have to pull a fuse to reboot the ford system to fix it. Pretty much had enough of apple lol.

I'm a techy person anyway so figured I would try something more flexible.

Oh yea it made me pick a new data plan when I did the upgrade online. I "think" it ended up being cheaper for the same thing? ( I get 20% discount anyway from where I work )

But Previous iPhone Data plan
$30 unlimited ( Do they even offer that anymore I thought they ditched it )
+ $15 for 1500 text.

new data plan I picked
$32.something Unlimited Data & 1500 Text

So whats the best Driving GPS Navigation app for android? I have been using Motion GPS Drive on my iPhone 3gs its sucks the battery faster than the phone can even charge when plugged in my truck so on long trips my phone will DIE while connected and charging via I have to turn the gps off and drive blind while it recharges.
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May 17, 2012
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I was able to retain my grandfathered unlimited data plan when I came to the "dark side" as RIM users often referred to the non-RIM world. Wish I could remember the Obi-wan quote from SW Episode IV.


Mar 9, 2011
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Welcome! I also came to Android (SGS2) from an iPhone 3GS - best move ever.

So whats the best Driving GPS Navigation app for android?

Maps is good (and free) but I also have Navigon and I find its routing is consistently better than that of Maps, and its ability to re-route using real-time traffic information (with an add-on) is invaluable.