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Dec 26, 2016
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Hi everyone,

We just released our match 3 puzzle game in India. If you are located in India, please do try out the game and let me know what you think about it. If you are not in India, we are soon launching it worldwide - will keep you posted!

Play Jungle Rush - Adventure Puzzle. It's Free!

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Jungle Rush_Level 20_Boss Fight.jpg

About the game - Well, you all must be knowing match 3 games, so I will just tell you why you will enjoy Jungle Rush - Adventure Puzzle. In addition to extending an entertaining gaming experience, the game aims to instil love for animals among the players. The game includes real life facts about elephants which is a great medium to raise awareness for these lovely but endangered elephants � educational, yet enjoyable.

Game Features -
  • Numerous levels set in a fantastic jungle scenario � more levels to come in updates
  • Challenging gameplay mechanics and catching fun boosts
  • Thrilling boss fights to test puzzle solving skills
  • Powerful boosters and beastly power-ups
  • Unique gameplay elements that provide a diversified and challenging experience
  • Facebook connect to play and challenge friends
  • An entertaining comic strip
  • Stunning graphics and fun animation that display a colourful and superb world of exotic animals
  • Lots of interesting real life facts related to the most glorious animal on earth � the elephant

Do try the game and let me know your thoughts!

- Rachita
Gawooni Games


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