Just bought an S5 - and it has a billion problems! Can I please get some help?


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Just bought an S5 - and it has a billion problems!

Hey guys -

I'm switching over from iOS. I bought a Galaxy S5 SM-G900H of off Amazon. I am moving to a pretty rough area of the world and the IP67 certification sold me, and I knew I needed an unlocked phone. Phone prices in the part of the world I'm moving to are astronomically high. The phone has nothing installed on it, but I've encountered a lot of problems

So, within a few minutes of powering the S5 up:
1) battery dropped to 90% and randomly restarted
2) after charging, battery jumped from 95% to 100% - but within 10 minutes the battery drained down to 88% after I unplugged it
3) second random restart
4a) running Kitkat 4.4 - upon trying to update, it said that the device was modified in an unauthorised way.
4b) I am now reading about a million battery-related issues with Lollipop. Is the community still experiencing this? Are there still technical/performance-related reasons to stay with KitKat rather than updating to Lollipop?

Thanks for your help. I'm hoping to send this back to Amazon soon for a refund, but would love to know if this is anything typical that you've come across. The S5 is the best phone that meets my needs ... unless, of course, they've all turned into lemons.


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Jun 10, 2014
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Re: Just bought an S5 - and it has a billion problems!

Welcome to AC.

Send that phone back fast and get a refund. The S5 is a good device, but not the one that you've been sent.

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