Just called Vzw .... A Good Laugh Here


Aug 3, 2010
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I called and spoke to a rep names CiCi and I asked about thunderbolt availability ... She stated that the phone is only available at best buy right now not at VZW.... I asked if she was sure and she told me yes you can go to your local best buy and pick it up they have had it available since February 6th... Funny **** huh........


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Oct 9, 2009
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Should I call best buy? ??? Lol
If for nothing else for your own entertainment :p

I was just at one in Southeast Michigan looking for a new case for my Incredible and someone was pre-ordering a Thunderbolt and the sales rep told the guy he can come in and pick it up anytime after 10am on Monday (2/28).

The guy said he was calling off work so he'd be the first one...

I LOL'd. I picture this guy standing there monday after just loosing a day of pay saying, What do you mean it's not here, lol.

I am starting to think they should not do pre-orders unless an actual release date is set by the carrier. Ends up with people getting mad I think.


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Aug 25, 2010
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I was at a Verizon store this afternoon, and I was trying to maybe get a bargain on a Droid 2 Global (since I am without a phone and I am about to make a long distance move, since my DroidX is lost (read stolen :(), but she wouldn't go down on the $200 tag, hey, Amazon is offering $20 on it, it was worth a shot.
I then asked her about the Thunderbolt. She said the same thing, vzw doesn't have them, but Best Buy does. She then went to her manager to double check, and said " no, I made a mistake, BB doesn't have them either, and the date has been pushed back to they don't know when.
I asked about price, and she said not sure at this time, but between $250-$300, so until it comes out, it will be one long guessing game.


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Jan 28, 2011
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You want a good laugh? I was chatting with a rep the other night just trying to get some info, of course I got the worn out we have no information response, so I proceeded to ask about the 4G LTE network in relation to the bolt and I was told by the rep they had no idea what I was talking about or no information they could give me about LTE. I asked, well this is supposed to be the network the bolt runs on correct? Their response was that has not been determined yet, and they doubted the bolt would utilize 4G LTE ... needless to say I closed the chat right then and there, I highly doubt verizon wants their employees not giving out or even knowing any information pertaining to their super awesome new network which they've poured millions into

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