Just changed from iPhone 4s to GS4 ... NEED HELP HERE ...


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Aug 21, 2013
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Hi all ...

I'm new here, first post here ... but not new to forums. Been on internet forums for a long time and hope that being a part of this one is a good experience like most of my others. That said, let's get to my questions...

I have searched and read a bit here already, as I recently switched from my iphone 4s to an AT&T GS4. I have not rooted yet, so if anyone knows which root kit is the right one to use, please advise? I only want to root right now, and continue using TouchWiz for the time being ... I just want the ability to "get behind the wall" so to speak, and open up my options to do things like turn on the WiFi hotspot w/out having to get AT&T's permission.

But now for my first, main issue that I want to discuss ... I'm using the stock "music" app (blue circle icon with musical note on it) and the Google "play music" app ... but i dont think that is relevant to this issue. The thing is, when i'm listening to music, and my phone is NOT plugged into a charger or sync cable to the computer, and i realize it needs to be plugged in, i do it. HOWEVER, when i plug it in while music is playing, the music volume goes to zero, and i get either or both a beep and a vibration (letting me know it's plugged in and charging) ... and then the music volume comes right back up to where it was ... THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I know that turning system notification sounds to 0 will keep the beep from happening ... but no matter what i do, i cant figure out how to stop the phone from giving me some kind of notification that it's now plugged in and charging. To some, this may not be annoying at all, but to me it's VERY annoying. My guess right now is that i would have to root my phone to disable this 'feature'... but i'm hopeful that there is a way to stop this with a non-rooted phone.

Next ... I have downloaded and used third-party launchers like Apex Pro and Nova launcher ... and they are nice, no doubt ... but the claims they make about offering you the red dots on your app icons (like an iphone does) when you get a notification from that app does not seem to be true ... sometimes it seems to work, sometimes it doesnt ... certain apps never give the red dots, etc. I'm getting used to the status bar notifications, but i really do think that red dots on the app icon are HEAVEN because it's so easy to flip thru pages of apps and see really quick which apps need attention. Can anyone explain the how/why about getting this feature on my phone? Is it even possible? Most of what i saw while searching/reading seemed to indicate that it may not be possible, and you just need to get used to the status bar notifications. I did see where you can get badges/alerts from a system level like an iphone ... but NOT the red dots on the app icons. Help?

I guess I'll leave it at that for now and see if we can get these issues resolved ... and I'll start another thread later (if required) to address anything further i need assistance on.

Thanks in advance to everyone who tries to help me,

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