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Just did system update on Galaxy s7 and now my Bluetooth keeps turning on by itself!

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I keep turning it off via my connection settings but it does not help.
Any suggestions?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Is Bluetooth Scanning turned on? You can usually find this in Settings>Location, then look for an Improve Location Accuracy option, or tap Menu and look for Scanning.

Julie Ann60

New member
Oct 17, 2018
xy s7 and now my Bluetooth keeps turning on by itself!

Hi if you go to settings, connections, Bluetooth, you should see a list of apps than can control bluetooth, in my list was Google play. To find this list It's on the top right where the 3 dots menu is and it's called Bluetooth control history. Select that and you should see a list of apps, select Google play, scroll down list and you will see an option to allow Google play to change system settings at the bottom of the list , click on that and deselect this option. It removes allowing Google to turn on and off Bluetooth. Hope it helps. Any other app listed, if you don't want it to control bluetooth, deselect in the same way. Good luck. Julie

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