Just got one at Walmart, a few thoughts.


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May 16, 2012
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They had one under the counter, under the sign that was apologizing for not having them..
Activation was painless but they did have to call sprint but was only a 15 minute process.
I am comming from an OG evo which has been stock the last few weeks but has been s off with various roms kernals and radios, the last one was mikemike a very smooth rom.
So I was expecting a little more of a jump in performance than I got. Yes the phone is smooth and so far very stable but not quite the leap forward I thought it was going to be.
The best part....I have just got off a phone call in Tampa and while on the call had an app downloading, checked email, surfed a few web sites and ran a speedtest, 450down 550up.
I have not had any of the problems with multitasking, even trying the crash sense or freeze up the system has not caused any problems.
I popped my 32gig SanDisk straight from my og evo into the LTE while it was on and it worked no problems. Used astro to find an app that is no longer available in the store that I had in a titanium backup then put it on the phone with no problems.
So far I have not had to reboot or do anything else to the LTE so maybe it is a bigger improvment than I at first thought.
It tethers fine using Klink so I am going to hold off a while before rooting until there is a compelling reason too.
The NO LTE is not a problem for me as I have never been in an area where I could get it. I travel a lot off the main roads and am lucky to get 200k speeds. Verizon was about the same and ATT was useless for where I go.
So over all pretty happy and satisfied with the phone.
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