Just released! Smush Booth (real time camera warping app similar to photo booth)


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Feb 21, 2011
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I've just released a photography application on the market entitled "Smush Booth". It is similar to the Photo Booth application found on Macs.

The main differences of my app vs other similar "photo warping" apps is the following:

1) Live Preview - Smush Booth shows a real time warped video preview. Most other apps require you to first take a still picture or modify an already existing photo.

2) Front Camera Support - Currently Smush Booth supports front facing cameras on Sprint phones and Android 2.3 devices.

Here is the link to the market along with the description:

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


Smush Booth - Warp yourself and others in real time video!
Capture hilarious warped pics of yourself and others and share via email, mms, twitter, and facebook!
Smush Booth is a real time camera effects engine for android devices. Similar to the popular photo booth sofware, Smush Booth contains effects like dent, mirror, bulge, stretch, squeeze, and more. All effects can be previewed in real time, live video.
Smush Booth supports rear facing cameras on most popular devices. It also supports front facing cameras on Sprint devices (namely HTC Evo) as well as newer Android 2.3 based devices equipped with front facing cameras.
Our goal is to support all Android 2.1+ devices with a camera. If you have an issue with a specific device please contact us and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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