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Just went from droid turbo to Galaxy note 5. google now limited on samsung why?


AC Question

I went from the Droid Turbo to the Samsung Note 5. Overall I like the samsung note 5 better as far as a phone. Anyway I need my text messages read to me while driving. Google now on the Droid Turbo did it. on the Samsung Note 5 I can text to someone else by voice, but when a text comes in I have to read it on the text app.

One might say try S Voice NO!! I love the idea of it but s voice freezes and when I texted myself and if you are using the Verizon text App the incoming message was not the message that was sent. It was an older message like 1 or 2 behind.

Even though I love the Camera on the note 5 I'm very upset that I lost fuctionality by going from Moto to Samsung. Can anyone suggest a good 3rd party app that can read me my text mesages Thank you