Keep the screen on for longer periods of time and prevent burn-in with low brightness?

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I want to use my Note 8 as a Pomodoro timer and I want the clock to be visible at all times. This would mean I would display the clock (which is a very static image) for around 100 minutes at a time before I switch to something else (in the break).

If I set the screen brightness to the lowest setting, will this still lead to a burn-in?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Everything eventually burns in. Setting the screen to 1% and leaving the clock on the screen (with the screen staying on) for a few years would probably burn the image in. A clock even at 15% brightness (un;ess I'm somewhere brightly lit, that's where I tell Google Assistant to set mine - why pay for more electricity to light the room more, then risk burning the screen in by raising the brightness - I'm 76, but I can still read a newspaper in a room lit so that 15% is completely comfortable) on an AMOLED screen will burn in eventually. (And it depends on the phone - the early Pixel 2 XLs had screen burn-in for normal 30 second use.)

You might want to think of using a timer instead - set it for 25 minutes (that's the usual Pomodoro interval) and reset it every time it goes off - but it doesn't have to keep showing on the screen. (Watching the screen isn't a very efficient use of time.)


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Aug 21, 2014
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Screen on 100 minutes at a time? It sounds like you'd go through your battery quick. Why don't you just download a Pomodoro app from the Google Play store and have notifications on time passed or I'd imagine there would be some with lock screen widget available to check time/info.