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Keeping corporate e-mail off Samgung Gear S2 watch


AC Question

I have a corporate exchange e-mail account on my Samsung phone. Because of my corporate IT policy, I have to have the phone password protected. So, I need to type in a password every time I want to do anything with my phone. That's fine - I understand the need and I'm ok doing this.

Then I got a Samsung Gear S2 watch which is connected to my phone. It insists on trying to link that same e-mail account to my watch, and the watch expects me to password protect it! This is an absolute pain. I told the Gear app on the phone to not send e-mail to my watch, but the watch is still pestering me to set up a password.

How do I tell the watch that I don't want e-mail on it, because I don't want to have to type a stupid password on that tiny watch face just to check the weather!!