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May 20, 2024
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Hi folks. Looking for some advice. I live in Europe. I had Google Fi but they abrubtly suspended my service because I do not predominantly use my phone in the US, so I do not meet their policy requirements (the fact that they made an exception to policy and signed me up knowing that I live overseas, then five months later decided to shut down my service is another story). Nonetheless, here I am with no mobile data. I need to maintain my US number to get code text verfications and maintain comms on Signal and Whatsapp. Is there a way to port my number to a virtual phone so I can keep those apps to the same numbers, and also receive verfication texts? If so, any recommendations on a carrier or service?

Is there another way? For example, does T-mobile offer an e-SIM that allows me to keep my US number so I can maintain my apps but only receive text verificaitons?

Thank you for whatever insights you can offer!


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May 16, 2014
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Yeah, with a U.S. carrier you're pretty much stuck with paying for a combined package of phone calls, text messaging, and mobile data, no matter if you actually use one or all three services.
I'm not aware there is a U.S. carrier that sells only text-only plans, at least as far as adding in an international usage plan. There are independent text messaging services but a carrier-based texting-only plan is harder to find.

I'll suggest you look into Mint Mobile. It's a MVNO that's contracted to use T-Mobile's cellular network, and it supports SIM cards and eSIMs. MVNO carriers often provide the same service as the big carriers with a discounted price. Mint Mobile touts its $15 (approximately 14 Euros) per month plan, but note that's based on a minimum of 3 months plan. It's a stable MVNO with a seven year history so it's not just a bargain-bin company. It was recently bought up by T-Mobile.

As a side-note, Signal recently dropped the requirement for a phone number to be a user identifier. Now it's possible to use just a user name. (caveat is a valid phone number is still necessary to set up a Signal account.)


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums. A quick Google search showed this answer. I did not read the article fully but it sounded simple enough.

Let us know what you think.

I've tried several times to post a link that takes you to the beginning of the article but they all take you to the end of it. My bad.