Keeps getting incorrect password for home WIFI on my Samsung phone

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All other devices, including laptops, Android phones, Apple phones, are able to connect to the wireless extender. Therefore, do not think its a problem with the router/Internet connection itself. I am connecting while literally being 20cm away from the wireless extender (definitely not weak connection or interference from walls).
Definitely made sure its the correct password. Bluetooth is off.
Cannot connect with WPS pin because running Android 9 (same problem after updating to Android 10).

Things I tried:
- Restarted phone
- Forget network and tried again
- Tried to connect while on airplane mode
- Tried to connect while in safe mode to make sure it is not a third third app interfering
- Reseted network settings

Really trying to avoid doing a factory reset on my phone. Please send help :(

me just saying

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Jul 18, 2015
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If the extender is set up correctly, you log into the router - the extender is just a pass-through. And that back and forth logging in can cause a problem.

I have a netgear extender and use a different password on it. if trying to connect to the extender, you got to use the extenders ssid and password if it is different from the router. the extender will still connect to the router since the router login was part of the setup of the extender. sounds like you might be thinking of a mesh network