Kies Air Problems on SG4GE


Jul 15, 2013
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Hi all. I'm having problems with Kies Air. If I know I'm going to be on my desktop computer for a while, I'll start the Kies Air app on the SG4GE, then I'll type the IP address it gives me (I use a static IP in a browser, then I have to connect via a PIN that my phone gives me. (If someone knows how to streamline this more, please let me know.) Anyway, the java-based Kies Air web page will then display. However, the Contacts and Call Logs sections will have a circular moving "Please Wait" icon that never finishes. Also, if I try to send an SMS message from the Messages section, after hitting the "Send" link, it just stays with the message in the text box as if nothing has happened. (I'll have to refresh the page, to see that it's been sent. I verify on the phone that it has indeed been sent.) These things did not happen with my previously owned Samsung S3.

One other note. When I start the Kies Air web page, I get a "Do you want to block potentially unsafe..." - Block is the default and I choose Don't Block. Then it downloads a java executable called "sd". However, the page has already loaded by then. Just confused by all this and hoping someone can enlighten me. Thanks.
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