Kies Caused Samsung Galaxy S2 to "Freeze" during Re-Boot


Feb 15, 2014
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I Need to just get my Pictures & Videos from my Galaxy S2 Handset.....

I have been using T-Mobile(USA) Samsung Galaxy S2 for 23-Months (Contract Expires early March 2014). I have always Used Samsung Kies(latest Version with Drivers) almost every 1-2 Months to Upgrade ROM, Download Pictures/Video/Messages/Phone Log/Data/etc to our *Win XP* PC without any Problems.

This time I tried on a New *Win 8* PC (again Downloaded Latest Kies with Drivers first).

Here are the events when I connected T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to the New Win-8 PC (All Events happened **Simultaneously** in just about/Less Than 3--5 Seconds, before I pulled the USB Cable out from PC).

The Handset Screen flashed 3-times (Green Android something like 'USB Cable Attached' Screen alternating with default Home Screen).

The PC Antivirus(McAfee) detected & checked 'new device attached/detected' Screen 3-times showing only 1-File ('No Malware Detected' Summary Screen,

Kies detected and 'lost' Galaxy S2 (or showed 'Attach a Device') Screen 3-times.

I pulled the USB Cable from PC, removed the Handset Cable also.... But...

The Galaxy S2 Handset got 'Stuck/Froze' at Home Screen... No Buttons would work, nothing..

So I removed Battery, waited about 30-seconds.. Inserted Battery back...

Booted with Green Android rocketting Up.. sound, then 'SAMSUMG' Logo (white on Black Background).. that's it... STUCK STUCK STUCK.

Nothing more.. left it overnight with Charger attached, used wife's(Galaxy S2 Phone Battery, SIM Card, SD Card, and various combos) to Tried Re-Booting my S2...
No go.. still Stuck at 'SAMSUNG' Logo Screen.

Talked with Samsung 3-times.. all went thru 'Boot' Key Sequence (Vol-Up+Down)... did 'soft Cache Reset' may be 8--10 times so far. All said same, final step
is 'Factory Reset' but will
Loose All DATA, including Pictures/Videos/Contacts..

I just want Pictures & Videos (1st Priority).. If I can get Txt-Messages and/or Contacts.. even better.. but NOT a Must..

Tried going to a T-Mobile Store.. same thing.. "Call 800" Number for "Tech Support"

What do you folks think?

What should I try Next?

If I try to Power on Handset now.. it gets Stuck at same SAMSUNG Screen... but...
If I try to Power on with USB Cable Attached to PC (with or without Kies Running).. it goes into "ODIN Download Emergency Software" Mode

Can't Power Off.. have to Remove Battery to Turn Power Off.

Any Suggestions??? (Need to save Photos/Videos)

Please HELP..! Thanks.


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Dec 4, 2012
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You might be able to try to use ADB commands to pull the files from the device. I am not at all good with ADB commands, but this might work. I did an ADB device check with my phone in recovery mode connected to my PC and it registered. I did not have USB debugging checked when I tested this.

Jonjon D

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Jun 3, 2014
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I came across the same problem multiple times and i finally figured out why its not working. When you plug your phone in for recovery and the screen pops up where its asks, proceed with saving or without saving, on that page MAKE SURE TO READ THE TOP DIRECTIONS. so when it says to disconnect the cable, do so and plug back in . then make sure its turned off, after that plug back in and press proceed without saving. That is the main problem people encounter as i did as well. hope it helps

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